Unf…fucking hell I want!

Sorry to say..

I hate to do this to everyone but I’m no longer going to be active on this blog. Will I come back to it? There’s a chance. But I have been in a depressed slump for a while now and today was the icing on the cake for me.. I hope you’ll all forgive me and keep enjoying yourselves. I’m sure P will do a fine job.


September 17 | 10:39

I’m pretty sure I’ve only had one lady do this for me. It must be a petite girl thing.

I’ve always had a thing for stockings and heels. I’m more of a black pair than a white pair person.

September 14 | 8:26 | 77♥ | fapngo



If there’s one thing I found to be a huge turn on, it’s when your lady squirts.


Don’t stop right after his orgasm, this is one of the best parts.

Agreed. This will drive any man up a wall with pleasure. I usually end up shaking.

September 9 | 9:04 | 467♥ | hornythoughts



I just wanna touch her all over. Oh my god.

C’mon people. I can only seduce so long.

September 9 | 11:24 | 39236♥ | seex | itcuddles

Oh my god. I could eat this pussy all day.